Getting Your License

Getting your amateur license is easy.  You will need to learn basic radio technology and the FCC rules for the Amateur Radio Service, study the published question pool so you’re not surprised by any of the questions, and then take the test.

The Club conducts numerous training sessions throughout the year, including multiple entry level classes.  We also offer a mid level license class and a top level course is under development.  Courses are scheduled in response to demand so if you are interested let us know.  When we get about five or more we will schedule a class.  The entry level license is called Technician, the middle level license is called General, and the top level license is called Extra.

We recommend the ARRL License Manual as a study aid.  The License manual can be purchased from the ARRL or from Amazon.  We typically offer testing the week-end after a course completes.

Here are some links to get you started preparing for the test:

Information on our current course or the posted videos, when a course is running, can be found at

We also have experts ready to “Elmer” you on your journey, whether you want to get your first license or upgrade.  Email us at with your question and we’ll find someone to help.

Got your license but don’t know where to start?  Check out

Consider the great used equipment offered by MMARSI, a nonprofit that uses revenue from sales to support first responder’s communications needs.  Their current hardware list can be found here.