Repeaters and Nets

CCARC runs four repeaters, call sign K3PZN, three in Westminster and one in Sykesville.  Westminster’s 2 m and 6 m repeaters require a PL tone from 2300 – 0600 hours and as needed due to conditions.  Westminster’s 70 cm repeater handles C4FM as well as analog.  The repeaters are cross linked for all nets.

  • Westminster: 145.410 MHz, “-” offset 600 KHz, PL 114.8 Hz
  • Westminster: 449.875, “-” offset 5 MHz, PL 127.3 Hz, FM& C4FM
  • Westminster: 53.090 “-” offset 1MHz, PL 107.2 Hz
  • Sykesville: 147.285 “+” offset 600 KHz, PL 107.2 Hz

All repeaters have a three (3) minute time out and the Westminster 2m and 70cm machines also have a 20 minute fail-safe time-out to prevent a short or other problem from damaging the equipment.

Repeater technical information can be found here.


Columbia Maryland Group Net:  Sundays, 9 pm

EMCOMM Net: Thursdays, 7:00 pm

6-Meter Net (best 6-m net in central MD):   Wednesdays, 8:30 pm