Repeaters and Nets

CCARC runs four repeaters, call sign K3PZN, three in Westminster and one in Sykesville.  Westminster’s 2 m and 6 m repeaters require a PL tone from 2300 – 0600 hours and as needed due to conditions.  Westminster’s 70 cm repeater handles C4FM as well as analog.  The repeaters are cross linked for all nets.

  • Westminster: 145.410 MHz, “-” offset 600 KHz, PL 114.8 Hz
  • Westminster: 449.875, “-” offset 5 MHz, PL 127.3 Hz, FM& C4FM
  • Westminster: 53.090 “-” offset 1MHz, PL 107.2 Hz
  • Sykesville: 147.285 “+” offset 600 KHz, PL 107.2 Hz

All repeaters have a three (3) minute time out and the Westminster 2m and 70cm machines also have a 20 minute fail-safe time-out to prevent a short or other problem from damaging the equipment.

The Sykesville VHF and Westminster UHF repeaters are permanently linked.

Repeater technical information can be found here.


Columbia Maryland Group Net:  Sundays, 9 pm

6-Meter Net (best 6-m net in central MD):   Wednesdays, 8:30 pm

EM Net: Thursdays, 7 pm

Computer Users Net: Second Tuesday each Month, 8 pm

Winlink Packet Email

Installing and using Winlink is easy and well documented.  Go to Winlink Express for download and installation instructions.  VHF Winlink operates on 145.090 MHz (FM).

Winlink Express contains a list of available nodes.  The following local nodes are suggested:

  1. W8IS-10, Public, 145.090 MHz
  2. WM3M-10, Public, 145.090 MHz

A summary of the local nodes, as of October, 2021, is here.