Civil Air Patrol

The Carroll Combined Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol remains interested in technical support to their Search and Rescue mission. We’ve an agreed-to Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and design document for a prototype directional antenna, which is our first phase.

Prototype yagiPete, WV3S
Research & recommend radio/scanner
(Frequencies are at 3 KHz multiples)
John, KC3FDL
Prototype circularly polarized yagi
RHC Helix
RF Test generator @ 406 MHz
RDF TrainingPat, N8PK
Close-in loop antenna
Resonant antenna with null
Radio instruction packet, to include programming
Training Cadets
Create RHC antenna for fox
Teaming with Cadets on Fox Hunt
Suggested Supporting Projects

You can do one of the named projects and then we can compare to choose the best solution/recommendation. Please let us know if you are doing one.