Emergency & Community Service


The Carroll Amateur Radio Emergency Team (CARET) net serves as a practice and training net for emergency communications and community support.  Included are various digital modes and use of ICS forms.  All are welcome and encouraged to join in.

           Thursday, 7:00 pm, any CCARC repeater 

Suggested Technical Capabilities

The following are CCARC’s suggestions for amateur radio emergency communications capabilities:

  • VHF portable – HT or Mobile radio
  • Winlink via VHF – Ability to connect into one of the local Winlink nodes
  • Winlink via HF – From your station, ability to connect to Winlink over HF
  • MT63 via VHF – VHF radio and Fldigi with ability to transmit and receive MT63-2KS
  • Go kit – A prepared, self contained, deploy-able station
  • Battery or off-grid power option

Emergency Frequencies

The emergency frequencies the Club uses are given in the ICS-205 form, found CARR_ICS205a.  We suggest programming them into your rigs.

Winlink Packet Email

Installing and using Winlink is easy and well documented.  Go to Winlink Express for download and installation instructions.  VHF Winlink operates on 145.090 MHz (FM).

Winlink Express contains a list of available nodes.  The following local nodes are suggested:

  1. W8IS-10, Public, 145.090 MHz
  2. WM3M-10, Public, 145.090 MHz

A summary of the local nodes, as of October, 2020, is here.

Suggested Training


Suggested Links

Winlink Express


Configurig FLDIGI for MT63

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