Repeater Technical Information

The three Westminster repeaters operate off of a common controller. The 2m and 6m machines operate PL from 2300 – 0600 hours and as needed due to conditions. All three machines generate the indicated tone full time. The 147.285 MHz Sykesville repeater runs Carrier On Squelch (COS) full time. Each Tuesday and Wednesday at 2030 the Westminster repeaters will cross-link for the two nets the club sponsors.

  • Westminster: 145.410 – (114.8) (Motorola Quantar)
  • Westminster: 449.875 –  (127.3) FM/C4FM Fusion (Yeasu DR1X)
  • Westminster: 53.090 – (107.2) (GE MASTR EXEC)
  • Sykesville: 147.285 – (Hybrid machine assembled from parts)

The Westminster repeaters are located at the Westminster Verizon tower, which can be seen looking North from the parking lots of retailers at the intersection of Rts. 140 and 97. The repeaters have a 3 minute time out timer that resets as the beep is heard between transmissions. The Westminster 2m and 70cm machines also have a failsafe timer that will activate if the transmitter does not un-key for 1 second every 20 minutes. This is to prevent a short or other problem from damaging the equipment. If you leave just a little extra pause every time you ID that allows the repeater to drop you should never encounter these timers.

The UHF repeater is a Yaesu fusion DR-1X, with an external Henry 100W power amp.  The repeater operates in AMS mode, it will repeat traditional analogue FM voice as well as the Yaesu C4FM digital modes.  In analogue FM mode the UHF repeater is linked to the Sykesville VHF repeater.

The Sykesville 147.285 repeater is a Tait T800 repeater. The repeater is rated at 100W but is currently adjusted for 50W output.  A Motorola UHF mobile radio runs about 15W of output linking to Westminster UHF repeater.  The codes to link and unlink the repeaters are available on request. Please ID before using any codes and remember to turn off the links when done.