ares_clCCARC supports the Carroll County Office of Emergency Management by providing a pool of radio operators and equipment available in the event of a communications emergency.  We do this in cooperation with the ARRL’s Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES).

One way we do this is by the creation and maintenance of a set of pre-positioned communication kits at locations around the county.  These kits, including a radio, computer, and the equipment necessary to operate them, allow a licensed amateur operator to quickly get on the air with a standard set of capabilities from designated shelters or emergency supply distribution centers.

Though ARES and RACES are separate from CCARC, CCARC sponsor’s periodic ARES drills on our repeaters.  You’ll hear the net called the CARET (Carroll Amateur Radio Emergency Team) net.

CCARC nets and emergency communications training are open to all licensed amateurs, regardless of CCARC membership.

To learn more about ARES/RACES and get an application, visit the ARRL ARES/RACES page.  Email the completed application to us at ccarc.k3pzn@gmail.com or bring it to a club meeting.